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Q & A - FLP Aloe Vera benefits in many diseases like Diabetic, High Blood Pressure etc.

Q: Diabetes - what can help?

Drinking the Gel can help to balance blood sugar levels and Royal Jelly can also help.

a. Anti-Diabetic drugs (for Diabetes) - The gel can lower blood/Urine sugar levels so any medication might need to be adjusted.

b. Hypotensive drugs (for high blood pressure) - The gel can lower the blood pressure so levels of medication may need to be adjusted.

c. Anti-coagulant drugs (e.g. Warfarin)- It is important that the GP is extra vigilant with testing the INR levels if the gel is taken with warfarin, especially in the case of Berry Nectar or Forever Freedom.

Taking all the above into account, the Gel should be beneficial to this customer's conditions but his GP should be kept in the picture.

Q: Are there any products I can take for Depression?

For mild depression, Gin Chia and Royal Jelly can be tried, although clinical depression requires conventional treatment.

Q: I have a new Customer who has found some relief for his severe sinusitis with our Bits n’Peaches. Is there anything else he can use to help his symptoms?

Dr. Atherton advises that sinusitis, involving the epithelial tissue, is one of the conditions that can be improved by drinking the Gel. Your Customer could also try Garlic-Thyme to reduce any congestion.

It sounds as though this gentleman's problems might be due to allergy so the Gel could help to balance his immune system and Bee Pollen could also be tried, with the vital test dose at first.

Q: How much should I drink?

A: This depends on your reasons for drinking aloe. As with other nutritional supplements, some people take a small amount each morning – 2fl oz (60ml) – to maintain their general well being. Other people boost their intake for specific reasons – when they might drink up to 6 fl oz (180ml) or more a day. The average is 4 fl oz (120ml) per day.

Some people, such as the elderly, need less whereas those who are larger framed need more. Note the “Serving Size” 8 fl oz printed on the side of the bottle is for nutritional comparison purposes only. It does not mean that 8 fl oz is a recommended amount to drink in one serving.

Q: When should I drink?

A: We would recommend you take the aloe on an empty stomach to get the maximum benefit. So for example you could take it first thing in the morning and then again late afternoon.

Q: When should I feel some benefits?

A: We anticipate that few people will feel notable benefits before 6 weeks; we urge you to take it for a trial period of at least 3 months.

Q: How should I store the drink?

A: As with most natural foods, once you’ve opened the bottle, it should be stored in the fridge with the lid tightly closed. Of course during storage, the natural pulp will settle, so you should always shake the bottle before use. Note that the date stamped on the bottom of the container is the bottling date. The ‘use by’ date is on a label on the lid.

Q: Do you have any recommendations for tennis elbow?

A: For tennis elbow, he suggests a combination of Aloe Vera Gel with Arctic Sea Omega 3 and topically, MSM Gelly or Heat Lotion, whichever feels most appropriate.

Q: I have a Freedom Gel drinker who has been prescribed warfarin by her GP, is it safe to drink Freedom while taking blood thinning drugs?

A: Although Dr. Atherton is unable to comment on the suitability of our products with medication he has not prescribed, he advises that our products will generally combine happily with virtually all conventional medication, except for 3 categories that need vigilance.

a. Anti-Diabetic drugs (for Diabetes) - The gel can lower blood/Urine sugar levels so any medication might need to be adjusted.

b. Hypotensive drugs (for high blood pressure) - The gel can lower the blood pressure so levels of medication may need to be adjusted.

c. Anti-coagulant drugs (e.g. Warfarin) - It is important that the GP is extra vigilant with testing the INR levels if the gel is taken with warfarin, especially in the case of Berry Nectar or Forever Freedom.

I am afraid the ultimate responsibility rests with the person's GP, who might want to adjust the prescribed medication.

There is also a testimonial in the testimonial pack that is available for £5.00 code 1411 if you are interested.

Q: Is there anything that can be recommended for Water Retention problems?
A: Nature-Min could be tried for water retention and possibly Berry Nectar.

Q: I am presently talking to a professional athlete who suffers with thread veins. Do we have anything that might help with this?
A: For varicose veins, the best combination of products would be the drinking Gel, as it reduces inflammation and can strengthen veins, Absorbent-C, as it helps circulation and is a powerful antioxidant, and A-Beta-CarE as it can dilate the blood vessels, improve circulation and strengthen capillary walls. We have no specific advice for broken or thread veins but any or all of the above products should be helpful.

Q: I have a prospective Customer with Systemic Lupus. I said I was sure drinking the Gel would help, but can you give me any more info or advice?

Dr. Atherton has advised that Lupus is an auto-immune disease so the Aloe Gel, with its immunomodulating properties, is thought to help. The Aloe is also naturally anti-inflammatory, which can help with the painful symptoms of this condition. MSM Gel could also help with local pain.

Q: I have a client with sarcoidosis. This particular client has lumps in her liver and lungs. At the moment she is on 40mls of steroids per day, which is being lowered on a weekly/bi-weekly basis. Will drinking the gel and taking bee pollen help?

Dr Atherton has advised that as sarcoidosis is a disorder of the immune system it would be worth trying the Aloe Vera Gel for the immuno modulatory effect of the ace mannan together with a topical product such as Aloe Gelly if appropriate, but only with the knowledge and agreement of the customer's own doctor.

Q: We have a Customer who seemed to be doing well in controlling Tinnitus with prescribed Beta histamine hydrochloride and our Gingko, but suffered a set back when trying to reduce the drug. Is there any history which might shed light on this case?

Gingko is recommended for tinnitus by Dr. Atherton.

Q: Are any of our products likely to be of any benefit for policeman’s heel (Plantar fascilitis)?

Plantar fascilitis, or policeman's heel as it is commonly known, is generally best treated by conventional methods, but Dr Atherton has advised that the Gel, Arctic Sea and Heat Lotion could be tried.

Q: I have had an enquiry from an elderly gentleman with Parkinsons Disease. What would you advise that he take for this condition?

The Gel has been known to help with Parkinson's disease, according to a Distributor I know, who says his 'good days' have now improved and are as good as most peoples' 'off days' since taking the Gel and Bee Pollen. We can't make any promises though.

Q: A Customer of mine has asked the question regarding someone who suffers from pancreatitis, would the Gel be beneficial, or any other supplements?

Dr. Atherton has advised that none of our products will specifically help with pancreatitis but the Gel could be taken for its many general benefits.

Q: Are there any products to help someone who suffers from polymyalgia?

For Polymyalgia Dr. Atherton recommends a combination of Aloe Vera Gel, (up to 120mls), Arctic Sea as per the product manual and topical Heat Lotion where appropriate.

Q: A friend of mine is suffering from what he calls "crumbling spine". Do you think this is the same as Osteoporosis? What would you recommend he take to help with his crumbling spine?

This gentleman's problems do sound like osteoporosis but only his own GP can make a diagnosis. If it is, then Dr Atherton has advised that, if he were to choose the most beneficial products, they would be Aloe Vera Gel combined with Nature-Min, Arctic Sea and also Calcium.

Q: Someone talked to me the other day about his wife. She recently had a mole removed that was malignant. She has several others and I think she is returning to the hospital to have those removed. Is there anything else that could help with recovery?

The Gel and Echinacea would be good for this lady's immune system and Aloe Gelly could be used to accelerate the healing of the wound and reduce scarring. She might also like to take Propolis Tablets for a couple of wks before and after surgery in case of hospital-borne infections.

Q: I would like to know if there is any evidence of Aloe Vera Gel helping with the following complaints: morphea, microscopic colitis?

Dr. Atherton has advised that regrettably, none of our products is likely to help with morphoea.

Aloe Gel can help greatly in cases of colitis but it is important not to start during a flare-up and also to start on a small amount and build up gradually to an amount that can clearly be tolerated.

Q: A Distributor has just joined us and her husband has hereditary (primary) haemochromatosis. I am aware that he should not take the Nature-Min; I was just wondering what products you would advise he should avoid?

I am sorry to say that Dr Atherton has advised that none of our products is likely to help with this condition.

Q: One of my team has a condition that has been diagnosed as Granuloma Annulare by their GP and Annular Lichen Planus by a Dermatologist. Can you please advise if our products can help this/these conditions?

Dr Atherton advises that Granuloma Anularis is a chronic skin condition affecting the connective tissue. It is in itself harmless although sometimes unsightly, but very difficult if not on impossible to treat. He regrets that nothing within our product range is likely to alter the condition materially. It can sometimes spontaneously disappear so one hopes that this will happen.

Q: Are there any products that can help with Fibromyalgia?

For fibromyalgia, Aloe Gel, Arctic Sea, Heat Lotion and/or MSM Gel are recommended. The appropriate Bee product would be Bee Pollen for energy, but it is important to have a test dose.

Q: Can you recommend what products would help with endometriosis (if any) - I was recently diagnosed as Stage 2.

Dr. Atherton also advises that the best products for Endometriosis would be our Aloe Vera Gel and Arctic Sea, both of which can help to reduce the inflammation and therefore some of the pain.

Although we cannot make medical claims some people have found these products to be useful.

Q: I have read that drinking aloe can help with Diabetes. If this is the case which Gal should I drink? How much should I drink? What role does the aloe play in helping the condition?

Drinking the gel, at up to 120mls daily, can help to lower the blood sugar levels. Dorne Parker also suggests that taking our Royal Jelly can help. This gentleman needs to keep his GP in the picture as his blood sugar levels are likely to change.

Q: One of my Customers has recently stopped drinking the Gel on the advice of her nutritionist, who says the Gel is too dehydrating for her. Could you please advise whether it is possible that the gel can dehydrate a person?

The Gel is not in any way known to cause dehydration, unless this lady is experiencing some idiosynchratic response.

Q: I have a friend in work whose partner has Cystic Fibrosis. I wondered if we have had any experience trialing the drinks on people with this disease?

Dr Atherton advises that we do not have any products that will specifically help a sufferer of Cystic Fibrosis. The gel could of course help generally and Garlic-Thyme could help with the congestion. Bee Propolis might also help if long-term antibiotics are necessary, providing a test dose is given at first.

Q: I have a prospective Customer with colitis and stomach symptoms that would like to take the drinking Gel. He is currently on the following medication: Omeprazole and Mesalazine.

Although Dr Atherton is unable to comment on the suitability of our products with medication he has not prescribed, he advises that our products will generally combine happily with virtually all conventional medication, except for 3 categories that need vigilance.

Q: I have a client who is totally intolerant to GLUTEN. I believe that during production and manufacture our Aloe does not come into contact with anything that may contain gluten and that could possibly get into the bottles.

Only 2 of our products should not be taken by coeliacs (those who are intolerant of gluten). These are Absorbent C, which contains oat bran and Gin-Chia, which might contain gluten from the golden chia seeds. The Gel should help with the absorption of nutrients as it can help to heal any damage done to the digestive tract that has been left by the body trying to digest the gluten.

Q: Using the Clean 9, I have a horrid taste in my mouth all the time. Secondly, why am I always thirsty? I feel bloated and constipated. I would also like to know when I can start drinking coffee again.

For the first couple of days there can be a strange taste in the mouth as the body is being cleansed of toxins. By the third day, this should disappear. You should further increase your intake of water and fibre and from Day 3 you can also drink black coffee. If you are still constipated, you could eat a small amount of raw carrot and fruit and could also try porridge with pumpkin seeds and flax.

Dorne advises that one could also eat food with no calories, such as watercress, rocket, lettuce, etc with the Forever Lite meals and this might also make a difference.

Q: I wonder if you could help us with a friend who has been diagnosed with Churg-Strauss syndrome.

Dr Atherton has advised the Aloe Gel at no less than 120mls per day, along with Gingko for the asthma and Royal Jelly to help with any mood swings with Churg-Strauss syndrome.

Q: A woman in her her early 70’s recently bought some Aloe products. She said that she had had a flair up of Cellulitis in her legs, which her nurse thought might be linked to her using aloe products. Could this be possible?

As Cellulitis is an infection of the dermis, this is highly unlikely.

For Cellulitis, Dr Atherton advises that the Aloe gel should help with the inflammation (Aloe Berry Nectar is fine) and the Aloe Gelly can be applied to the area, especially if the skin is broken, to help it to heal. As a natural antibiotic, our Propolis tablets would also help to fight the infection. A test dose is advisable.

Q: Do any of our drinks or supplements help with the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in hands?

Dr. Atherton has advised that regrettably, none of our products is known to help with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. One could perhaps apply Heat Lotion or MSM Gel for the pain.

Q: I have a new Customer who would like to drink the Aloe Gel - she has had breast cancer and is on 'arimedex' - is there any reason she cannot take this? Anything to advise her?

Although Dr Atherton is unable to comment on the suitability of our products with medication he has not prescribed, he advises that our products will generally combine happily with virtually all conventional medication, except for 3 categories that need vigilance.

a. Anti-Diabetic drugs (for Diabetes) - The gel can lower blood/Urine sugar levels so any medication might need to be adjusted.

b. Hypotensive drugs (for high blood pressure) - The gel can lower the blood pressure so levels of medication may need to be adjusted.

c. Anti-coagulant drugs (e.g. Warfarin) - It is important that the GP is extra vigilant with testing the INR levels if the gel is taken with warfarin, especially in the case of Berry Nectar or Forever Freedom.

Please see below Dr Atherton's advice for anyone battling any form of cancer:

Aloe Gel (120mls daily) - this can be taken with Pomesteen - which is a good antioxidant.

Bee Pollen - for energy (a test dose is vital)


Lycium - this can help with any nausea

Absorbent C

B12 Plus

Aloe Gelly could also help to heal any wounds and reduce scarring.

We always advise however that it is very important that the GP or consultant is kept in the picture regarding whichever supplements are being taken.

Q: I have a potential Customer who is suffering with arthritis and wants to try the Forever Freedom, however she is concerned it may react with her current medication.

Forever Freedom should help this lady's arthritis and she could also try Arctic Sea with its anti-inflammatory property.

Although Dr. Atherton is unable to comment on the suitability of our products with medication he has not prescribed, he advises that our products will generally combine happily with virtually all conventional medication, except for 3 categories that need vigilance.

a. Anti-Diabetic drugs (for Diabetes) - The gel can lower blood/Urine sugar levels so any medication might need to be adjusted.

b. Hypotensive drugs (for high blood pressure) - The Gel can lower the blood pressure so levels of medication may need to be adjusted.

c. Anti-coagulant drugs (e.g. Warfarin) - It is important that the GP is extra vigilant with testing the INR levels if the gel is taken with warfarin, especially in the case of Berry Nectar or Forever Freedom.

Given the above information, the ultimate decision should be made by the person's GP.

Q: We have been asked if Aloe Vera can be taken by a man with Angio Dysplasia. Also of course - is it likely to be beneficial to this condition? He has had heart surgery and they gave him aspirin which made him ill.

The Gel could help to soften this man's bowel movements but is not likely to specifically affect this condition. Conventional treatment is the best way forward here. This gentleman's GP should be kept in the picture as the Gel can thin the blood slightly so his medication might need to be adjusted.

Q: My mother is 84 years old, two weeks ago she had an Angina attack and I'm wondering which of our products I can suggest she tries (I did think Ginkgo). I have been unsuccessful in getting her to try anything other than the Gel.

Dr Atherton recommends taking Ginko with the Gel for asthma so this might well help your mother and Ginko is also good for improving the memory, which at any age, is a bonus! The other supplement she might try is Arctic Sea Omega 3, which can help if the problem is caused by high cholesterol and in several other ways.

Q: One of my male clients has reported stinging, itching and increased sweat whilst using the Aloe Deodorant stick. This has been going on for two weeks now since he started using the product. Which of the ingredients could be causing the reactions?

It is important that your client uses only Aloe Vera products on his underarm area before using the Deodorant as the Aloe Vera is absorbed into the deeper layers of the dermis and will take with it anything that is on the skin.

If this advice is followed and there is still a reaction, then it is possible that this man is sensitive to one of the ingredients in the Gel. This can only be tested by not applying the product for a while then trying again to see if there is a similar reaction. We can't say which ingredient without clinical testing and unfortunately, we don't have the facilities to do this at Forever.

Q: Can anything help with Acne Rosacea?

Acne Rosacea can be due to a deficiency in Vitamin B. This vitamin can be found in all of our Bee Products and the B12 Plus. The Aloe Gel could also be taken. This will help with the inflammation; between 60-120mls can be taken daily. Aloe Gelly will help to soothe, heal and reduce scarring and the Moisturising Lotion could be applied to combat the dryness of this condition.

The length of time it takes to see a difference can vary individually but drinking the Gel can improve things within 4 - 6 wks and the topical Gel could make a difference within 7 - 10 days.

Dr. Atherton would also recommend eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and drinking lots of water. Spicy foods, tea, coffee and alcohol should be avoided, along with extremes of temperature.

Q: Please advise the best treatment with Forever products for acne

The Aloe gel should help with acne as it will reduce the inflammation and help the skin from the epidermis layer which will promote healthy skin cells. Garlic-Thyme is also a good supplement along with Arctic Sea Omega 3.

Topically the Marine Mask is good, as a clay setting mask which will help draw out the impurities beneath the skin.This could be used twice a week in conjunction with the Aloe Scrub to thoroughly cleanse the skin.

The topical Aloe Gelly should help to reduce the inflammation and also reduce any scarring and Propolis cream should help to prevent any further infection as well as helping to fight any infection already present. Alpha E Factor contains vitamin E which is an essential nutrient for skin. It also contains antibiotic ingredients, although this is very moisturising, so if the skin is very greasy this product might just be something to apply in the evening.

One could also try using the Liquid Soap as a cleanser.

Q: Are you Pregnant? or a Mum?

The need for extra nutrients before, during and after pregnancy to help support the health of both the foetus and the mother is becoming increasingly important due to the reduced nutrient content of our modern diet. It has long been recognised that a deficiency in Folic Acid can increase the likelihood of developing a congenital disorder. Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids (from fish) are vital for the formation of new tissues, particularly the development of the brain, nervous system and retina with research showing enhanced effects in IQ and learning.

Other supplements such as Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, Absorbent-C and Arctic-Sea Super Omega-3 will also help to provide the body with a rich source of vitamins and minerals which are essential during and after pregnancy.

B12 Plus with folic acid, 1 tablet daily contains 400 mcg of folic acid, which is the RDA during pregnancy, combined with B12 gives total protection and full absorption of the folic acid.

Take:Arctic-Sea Super Omega-3, Absorbent-C, B12 Plus, Nature-Min and Forever Active Probiotic, Fields of Greens, Bee Pollen and Royal Jelly.

Notes - Taking Aloe Vera Gel during Pregnancy

It is perfectly safe for people trying to conceive, currently pregnant or breastfeeding to take our Aloe Vera Gel. The warning that persists in much literature is a hangover from the past when people were warned off the sap of the plant or “bitter Aloes” nowadays known as aloin. In fact large doses of aloin would not produce a miscarriage, it has been tested on pregnant rats which behave very similarly to humans.

Q: Do natural plant oestrogens found in complementary products have the same side effect as those in oestrogens found in HRT regimes?

Hormone replacement therapy is the administration of hormones to delay the Menopause and ameliorate the symptoms suffered by many women who are approaching it. The hormones involved are usually oestrogen and often a synthetic protective progesterone. The side effects of HRT are an increased risk of cancer of the uterus and breast, whilst the advantages are the decreased risk of heart disease and osteoporosis. Do the pro’s outweigh the con’s? Doctors are now beginning to question whether or not they do and there is a movement away from HRT towards either nothing, or towards natural products. Plant oestrogens are thought to provided the same benefits, but without the side effects of the synthetic compounds. Natural vitamins such as E. C, B6 as well as other bioflavonoids can also reduce the symptoms of the menopause. Both Magnesium and Calcium supplementation will help reduce the risk of osteoporosis. Amongst our products there is a range to choose from, including Aloe Vera Gel, Absorbent –C, A-Beta-CarE, Gin-Chia and Bee Pollen, not forgetting Nature-Min of course.

Q: Can Gin-Chia be taken safely by women who are on HRT?

Yes, I think it is safe to take Gin-Chia while taking HRT. Only take the amount recommended on the container. To generalise the benefits of Gin-Chia: it promotes well being, improves stamina and is an energiser, so is marvellous if you are feeling tired, stressed out or run down.

  • Golden Chia is Northern American sage. It contains a small amount of oestrogen-like substances, is an anti-oxidant, helps in the treatment of sore throats, colds and coughs, and is marvellous for menopausal problems. It also improves circulation and is effective in helping to treat thrush.
  • Ginseng is also known as ‘King of the Tonics’. We use Siberian Ginseng in our product and this is much more gentle than Korean ginseng. (Korean ginseng is usually taken in short courses and is more suitable for men). Siberian ginseng is suitable for both men and women.

Ginseng contains eleven hormone-like saponins, vitamins B1, B2, B12 and D, as well as the minerals copper, magnesium, calcium, iron, and manganese. Benefits include its adaptogenic and potent antioxidant qualities. It is an antidepressant (mood elevator) and anti-stress agent (particularly effective in menopause). It helps supplement low body oestrogen as it is a plant oestrogen. Helping to combat osteoporosis and hayfever are two other benefits.

Q: Are you an Athlete?


With a rigorous exercise routine it may be useful to increase the intake of antioxidants such as Vitamin A (beta-carotene), Vitamins C, E and bioflavonoids as there can be an increase production of free radicals in the body. Antioxidants neutralise potentially damaging free radicals, which can lead to ongoing wear and tear. Athletes also need to consume adequate minerals, B vitamins and essential fatty acids for enhanced energy and performance.

Take: Forever Freedom (contains Vitamin C), A-Beta-CarE, Nature-Min, Arctic-Sea Super Omega-3, Bee Pollen, Lycium Plus and Gin-Chia.

Q: Are you Convalescing?

Convalescents are less likely to be eating a balanced diet and since they may also need extra help to aid recovering, supplementation can be also beneficial. The average number of days illness in long term patients was shown to be reduced by 50% in a year when given a multivitamin supplement.

Take: Aloe Vera Gel, Absorbent-C, A-Beta-CarE-, Nature-Min, Bee Pollen, Echinacea Supreme and Forever Active Probiotic.

Q: Are you Elderly?

The over 65s are less efficient at absorbing essential vitamins and minerals, resulting in possible lowered immunity. Surveys have indeed indicated that, with less food being generally consumed, the majority of elderly people are not reaching the reference intakes, let alone ‘optimal’ levels of many micro nutrients.
Take: Forever Freedom, B12 Plus, Ginkgo Plus, Garlic-Thyme, Nature-Min, Bee Propolis and Forever Active Probiotic.

Q: Are you Menopausal?

The change of life is a gradual process allowing the body to get used to the changes and adapt accordingly. All women need to be as healthy as possible and aim at optimum nutrition in order to manage this event with ease. Symptoms can vary and certain supplements may be highly beneficial at this time.

Take: Aloe Berry Nectar, Forever Royal Jelly, Gin-Chia, Nature-Min, A-Beta-CarE, Fields of Greens, Absorbent-C, Calcium and Forever Active Probiotic.

Q: What other supplements can I take through the menopause?

The Royal Jelly supplement, containing a B complex, helps to prevent stress and is very good for the skin. 2-3 tablets taken daily – 1 taken 20 mins before each meal. For an even greater effect, place the tablets under your tongue to dissolve. Nature-Min 6 tablets daily needed for correct bodily function- 2 with each meal – and it goes without saying that, to enhance the effect of all the supplements, it is advisable to drink Aloe Vera Gel.

Q: Can children be given Aloe Vera Gel?

Yes, in proportional amounts, e.g. adult amount over 12 years, half amount for 6-12 years, quarter adult amount 3-5 years and a sixth of an adult amount from 3 years and below.

Q: Can infants under the age of one be given Aloe Vera?

It is not recommened to give Aloe Vera Gel to infants because they have an immature gut and are prone to colic. The Gel may exacerbate this, as it increases the transit time of the bowel contents.

Q: Are you prevented from eating certain foods due to your religion

Religious Beliefs

One of the ingredients in Freedom, Chondroitin, contains bovine or shark cartilage, pork or chicken connective tissue, and therefore may not be suitable for some religious beliefs. The gelatine in our softgel/capsule shell comes from beef gelatine. It is highly refined so as to be inert to the human body. Our manufacturers are investigating vegetable - based ingredients for possible future use.

Q: Do you Smoke?

Smoking can damage your health and may affect circulation, skin and the ageing process. Each cigarette smoked depletes some Vitamin C, an important antioxidant nutrient. Studies indicate that smokers require double the amount of Vitamin C compared to non-smokers.
Take: Aloe Berry Nectar, Absorbent-C, Lycium Plus, Fields of Greens, Garlic-Thyme, Echinacea Supreme, Bee Propolis and Forever Active Probiotic.

Q: Do you lead a Busy & Stressful Life?

Stress - People with busy lives

Busy lives can lead to skipped meals and so it may be difficult to always eat the recommended fife daily portions of fruit and vegetables and maintain immunity, good digestion, weight and energy levels. A multivitamin and mineral regime can help ensure essential nutrients are provided at these times. Our nutritional drink can also provide a wealth at nutrients and is available in two delicious flavours.

Take: Aloe Vera Gel, Absorbent-C, A-Beta-CarE, Bee Pollen, Fields of Greens, Arctic-Sea Super Omega-3, Echinacea Supreme and Forever Active Probiotic.

Q: How can we help teenagers?

This is a time when immune systems are put under extra pressure due to school exams, puberty and diet. It is important to give teenagers a nutrient rich programme which can help them to keep up with modern day pressures and lifestyle, at the same time, supporting their immune defences and hormonal systems.
Take: Aloe Berry Nectar or Bits n’ Peaches, Bee Pollen, Fields of Greens, Garlic-Thyme, Absorbent-C, Echinacea Supreme and Forever Active Probiotic.

Q: Can you tell me more about Vegetarians & Vegans

Vegetarian or vegan diets can benefit from supplementation of Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, calcium, iron, and zinc.

Vegetarians should take: Aloe Vera Gel, B12 Plus, Nature-Min, Bee Pollen, Absorbent-C and Calcium.
Note: Chrondroitin, which is an ingredient in Freedom, contains bovine and is therefore not suitable for strict vegetarians.

Vegans should take: Aloe Vera Gel and B12 Plus. Note: Freedom contains Glucosamine, made from crustacean shells, which are highly purified to remove any trace of allergens. Forever Freedom may therefore not be suitable for vegans.

Q: How can I use the Body Toning Kit in preparation for my holiday? I don’t have a lot of weight to lose, I just want to look toned?

It really depends on how much time you have, but I would give myself two weeks and use the wrap every other day in conjunction with the Aloe BodyToner, leaving it on for approximately 45 minutes. On the days in between, use the loofah, Aloe Bath Gelèe and Aloe Body Conditioning Crème. Drink at least eight glasses of water per day, no alcohol, coffee or tea and take the supplements to strengthen the vascular system. These are: Arctic-Sea Super Omega-3 x 2, Nature-Min x 6, A-Beta-CarE x 2 and Absorbent-C x 4. After all that you will knock them out on the beach this summer! I would recommend that you continue to take these supplements during your holiday.

Q: I have lost a lot of weight. Will the Body Toning Wrap help to tighten my loose skin?

Yes, but you must be patient, at least three months of continual massage in the affected areas with the Aloe Body Conditioning Crème and at least one wrap per week with the Aloe Body Toner and plenty of water and supplements as suggested above.

Q: Are there any reasons why someone would not lose inches with the Body Toning Kit?

Yes there are a few reasons:

  • It may be that not enough Body Toner has been used, as it is warming agents (cinnamon and capsicum) that increase the circulation to aid inch loss.
  • If the cling film wrap is put on too tight it actually has a negative effect and restricts the circulation. The wrap should be snug to create warmth but not tight. If you run out of Forever Cling film use a good quality cling film wrap as an alternative to our product. Be aware that the chemicals in poor quality cling wrap can react with the products and cause the film to tighten too much
  • Beware if you are wrapping or selling the kit to a customer who has done a lot of exercise, for example an aerobics instructor, or ballet dancer, where they have built up extreme muscle, then they suddenly stop exercising and put on some weight. The fat then gets trapped behind the muscle, which is difficult to move and may take four or five wraps. Encourage them to start doing some gentle exercise to get everything moving, - maybe walking, cycling or swimming – then they should start to see results. If you don’t explain this to the customer or new distributor they can feel very disappointed in the products and the results of their treatment.
  • The time the wrap is left on for is usually 45-60 minutes maximum, but this depends on the individual, as everyone’s circulation reacts differently. If someone feels very hot in 20 minutes then take the wrap off. I have had great results in that time, but I have also had a lady who didn’t feel hot after 45 minutes so in this case I left it on for 60 minutes. So if you take it off after 40 minutes and you don’t feel warm, then there won’t be any inch loss, it’s as simple as that.
  • At the time of a woman’s period, the body stores excess water, so the inch loss results won’t be very good during this time. Avoid this time of the month.

Q: What is the best product to use for wrinkles under the eyes?

The best product to use underneath the eyes is our superb Alluring Eyes. This is fantastic for tired and puffy eyes and fine lines and wrinkles, especially in the bright sun that tends to make us squint. Alluring Eyes contains pure vitamin E, which will help with elasticity, squalene, and glycerine to attract moisture to this delicate area. Avoid using too much, as Aloe Vera has the ability to penetrate deeply into the dermis, and this may cause the under eye area to be more puffy than before! Alluring Eyes is best used under the eyes, but a small amount can be used on the lids if they are prone to being dry and flaky (apply with fingertips in small outward strokes). The aloe gel, bisabalol oil and borage seed oil in the Alpha-E Factor can also soothe eczema and dermatits around the eye area. For dry skin, the Firming Foundation Lotion used with the Recovering Night Crème feels nourishing and soothing. For all skin types, especially in the summer months, a thin layer of Aloe Vera Gelly followed by the Firming Foundation Lotion feels cool and extra special. In the evening use a fine layer of Alpha-E Factor – leave for five minutes, than apply the Recovering Night Crème and your skin will feel totally moisturised by morning.

Q: How do I give myself a complete facial?

With the array of wonderful products that FLP has to offer it can sometimes be confusing as to what order to use the products in. A complete facial would be as follows:

  1. Exfoliating Cleanser – remove with damp cotton wool.
  2. Rehydrating Toner – Apply on damp cotton wool.
  3. Aloe Scrub – A pea sized blob on damp skin. Avoid eye area and remove with damp cotton wool.
  4. Facial Contour Mask Powder and Aloe Activator. One teaspoon of each. Apply to face and neck. Avoid eye area. Leave for 10-30 minutes, remove with fairly warm water and mask sponges (once or twice a week).
  5. Alluring Eyes.
  6. Alpha-E Factor. Three to four drops is more that enough for face and neck
  7. R3 Factor Skin Defence Creme
  8. Firming Foundation Lotion or Recovering Night Crème.

Q: How can I get customers to use the whole Fleur de Jouvence regime?

Simple. Explain the ability of Aloe to penetrate to the dermis layer, and whatever is with it – good or bad – will go down too. If you mix products i.e. another make of cleanser with an FLP moisturiser, then this may cause a minor breakout or pimples as the ingredients from the cleanser are taken deeper into the skin than before. The whole regime is designed to work synergistically, each product complementing the other. Note: If customers wish to start with one or two products then that’s fine, but as soon as they get confident with them and their skin is feeling good, then encourage them to use the whole range.

Q: What are the best products to use on the body, to firm up problem areas?

The Body Toner is applied to the “fatty” areas such as thighs, hips, midriff and tops of arms – wrap these areas with cling film. The Conditioning Crème is great for firming the chest and back bulges. Do not wrap these areas. Both creams will tone, improve your circulation and detoxify the system.

Q: How should our moisturising lotions be applied?

The AloeMoisturising Lotion can be used as a moisturiser for the face and the body, use daily to give your skin protection.

Q: I am a Beauty Therapist and many of my customers want to know which product is the best for fine lines and wrinkles?

For a weekly treatment, apply Fleur de Jouvence Facial Mask using ½ teaspoon of Facial Contour Mask Powder, mixed with 1 teaspoon of Aloe Activator. The R3 Factor Skin Defence Crème and Firming Foundation Lotion in the morning after cleansing can be placed underneath the eyes and around crows feet areas and Aloe Vera Gelly can also be applied for its cooling properties. NB. Do not be heavy handed with the creams- use sparingly and apply with your ring finger, as this finger will apply the least pressure. Alluring Eyes can also be applied around the eyes as can the Alpha-E Factor at night under the Recovering Night Crème.